To Snood, or Not To Snood: That Is the Question


Yes, I am broaching the subject of The Great Snood Debate. Do you go out in a snood, pre-tied, or tichel? I do. I’ll wear a snood if I’m running to drop my son off at play group, and to grab an iced coffee afterwards. I’ll also wear one when driving long distances, to run into the grocery, or on a quick Target run on a hot day. Trust me, I do wish I was the type of girl who can do everything in a sheitel, but alas, I am not. (I know somebody who gave birth to five children in one. Just saying.) Sensory issues unfortunately have made my body their home, and so, whenever I can I am sheitel-less! As the front door to my house opens, I am literally opening the clips, and starting to slide it off backwards as I run up the steps … Now, don’t get me wrong, I do believe we all look better in a wig. However, I’m not one to sacrifice comfort for looks unless it’s for something big, like a family simcha, and even then it’s not my first choice. I simply don’t understand why women find going out in public with a snood such a horror, or why it is so frowned upon. Are you really that self conscious about your looks? And do you honestly think about your looks that often? Yes, yes, I sound awfully condescending, I know … Sorry, and kisses! To me, there is something so beautiful about a fresh face without lots of hair distracting from the features, and I don’t look down on women who go out in snoods occasionally. A relative recently told me she refuses to go out anywhere without her wig because “it looks so strange to goyim to see my head like that.” Uh, what? Being frum and covering your hair should be something one is proud of! Saying you don’t want Gentiles to realize that you cover your hair is basically saying that you are embarrassed that you cover your hair. And that makes me sad. I wish we could all have pride in the things we do on a daily basis. No, I don’t love wearing a sheitel, and after four years I still miss my hair. But I am immensely proud of the fact that I do, and the reason for it as well. I’m proud of my commitment to Hashem, and my commitment to my marriage. Simple as that.

Xoxo to you all,

What do you think about wearing snoods in public? And “hair covering pride”?

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