What is La Petite Famille?

LPF cover

The inspiration for this blog streams from many sources, but mostly from the wish to share appropriate, honest, and fresh content with my peers. One’s home is the epicenter of any frum woman’s life, and while we all adore sharing ideas with another, I found a lack of inspiration in the blogosphere. Simply put, there was nowhere to see pretty things, gain inspiration, or laugh at humor in a way that reflected my strong Jewish values.

And so, La Petite Famille was born. Literally, “my small family” in French. However, the name means so much more. “Small” in my ability to elevate and enjoy the small things in life. “Small” in my future goals of being happy to raise a family IY”H that carries on the traditions of our past, and wanting nothing more. “Small” in feeling no current lack, though life is quite simple at the moment.

My hopes for this blog are twofold. One, to create a sense of community amongst frum women, and in doing so, two, inspire. By reading this blog, you can expect fun shopping finds, peeks into my personal life (with the wish that you comment back about yours,) beauty tips, fresh recipes, my random musings, lot of children’s fashion, and heaps more.

Welcome to our journey.