Why hello there!

I am a young mother, residing in New Jersey. We adore it here! My son is four years old, and turns everything he touches into bits of sunshine.  I am in the midst of gaining my graduate degree in Social Work, and thoroughly enjoy the schooling. Graduation won’t be for a while now, because (as you will quickly learn if you read the blog,) I am generally too busy enjoying life to be harried with anything at all. Beauty is a passion of mine,and this includes, but is not limited to, make up, skin care, beauty tools, and fragrance. I have many other passions as well, such as cooking, music, reading, and fashion. Confession – I am a bit of an organization guru (more like “organizational freak”), and I am also obsessed with home decor. I am constantly scouring the shops for inspiring and fresh bit and bobs to freshen up my house. Of course, the main passion of all is my Home. And by that I mean constantly striving to be the best person and mother I can be. Which isn’t always as easy as we wish it to be! Stroll along with me on my journey, and hopefully it will be a beautiful one!